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Another newbie, though I've been simply reading the forums for sometime. Forums are deathly scary to me. >.>

This probably isn't so much of an explanation/theory, but I somehow draw a little visual symbolism with the Kids On the Beach with Kanna and Ryuuya's art in the Summer Special ED. Both of them are holding hands. Both of them are in front of the beach. And like in the AIR logo, Ryuuya is just a little offscreen, and we see both of them from their backs.

I know it probably refers to Kanna's 'unspoken wish' to live by the sea, the last 'dream' she had with Ryuuya and Uraha, but the imagery remains interesting. The positioning seems a little coincidental for the usual "ED prettiness"---though of course this could have alluded to like five themes at once...
Interesting viewpoint. I actually have thought of this a little myself in addition to a few things I know that many probably haven't thought about. Although I doubt the anime's writers thought of it this deeply.

Ryuuya did say a line back during the last scene with Kanna about bringing her to the Ocean. and he actually said (at least in one of the sub versions) he'd like it to be on the western side of Japan where the water was warmer.

I am uncertain of this part which the general area where the Summer Arc takes place. From Koi's notes, they say it could be Kishuu, or Kii province which is on the eastern side of Japan.

Interestingly enough the modern day setting of the AIR story takes place in a real town called Kami (formerly called Katsumi) which is on western shore of Japan... Numerous scenes and locations are identical to those of the real life town.

Even if the story's setting can't be verified as the town of Kami, the anime itself proves it's on the western side of Japan because they show the sun setting over the ocean in the west, something you can't see on most of the eastern shores.

I don't think viewers were meant to research it this deeply or if it was even done on purpose by Key or the writers. But you have to wonder...
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