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Originally Posted by Von Himmel View Post
I think he meant that he already know that this Kite is merely someone named Sora playing with Kite avatar. However, this Haseo player is different because he used original name (Haseo), implying that it's not someone else playing with his character instead it's Ryou/Haseo himself who plays it.
The answer is pretty obvious in my opinion, Kite Sora has a display name of Sora to differentiate her with the original Kite, which mean the original Kite will be a playable character too.

Originally Posted by Nayim View Post
Ok turns out it's a game that's "included" with .hack//The Movie: Beyond the World's Blueray release. Either way the game is both a game and a movie in one.

Only thing that worries me is the fact that we MIGHT not even get this. I mean sure we could import, but aren't Bluray movies region protected? If it was just the game by its self, no problem, but if it's with the movie... I wonder...
It's a hybrid disc like Macross and Tekken, which mean when the disc is inserted into PS3, it can be played as a movie or games(you can play it as movie on a normal Bluray player too). As for region protected, it doesn't matter as long as you own a PS3 since PS3 can read bluray from all region(not sure about Bluray player).
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