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Originally Posted by Kaisos Erranon View Post
...What now?
Such an unescessary tone and response. You should try to aspire to be more accepting or something.

Originally Posted by Xellos
why would it be gone?

Fishy dialogue and coincidences indeed, my friend. Especially Kumagawa referring to her innate ability draw the lead, a byproduct of fate favoring Abnormals, when in reality, such playing fields should've been equalized by Devil Style.

Of course, her high draw could be a product of pure chance, but the non-mention of Devil Style and the character's dialogues leave an eerie feeling that it seems Shiranui has eaten the Zero.

Originally Posted by Last Carpet
Devil Style is Zenkichi's ability, it nullifies any coincidence in matters or events that he's involved in (winning the election, meeting the strongest suitor in the middle of the feast)

Where is Zenkichi now?
He's sealed away, but that dosen't mean the Zero can't act in a matter he's still involved in(albeit as a hostage), given that it's shown the mechanic of a passive-style skill, like his nature of drawing out 200% of his companion's powers.

Like Shibushi herself said, she doubted her Minus would go away even when sealed or killed.

There's definitely something awry here.

Although since a Minus is different from a Zero, it's also possible that the ability was sealed, hence why Medaka recovered her ability to be favored by fate. I'm just speculating on the dialogue at this point, mainly because Devil Style has not been mentioned since Zenkichi's narration, and strangely so, when events that have implications on it have occured.

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