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All I've listed is what I've been watching up to the current episode and will continue to watch. So it's title - rating and comment if any:

Arcana Famiglia - 4/10
Nothing of interest happens and I don't feel anything for the characters. I'm not sure where this is going, I misread this as something with shonen action I guess. Watch in spare time which is a lot in the summer's dead air.

Hagure Yuusha, Campione, Dakara Boku wa H ga Dekinai - 6/10
Nothing makes them really outstanding. They're all decent watches with decent entertainment. Just decent.

Chitose Get You! - 6/10
Funny, short, but I feel they waste precious seconds away sometimes. I enjoyed the other 3 minute shows Morita wa Mukuchi and Recorder to Randoseru more than this.

Muv Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse
- 6-7/10
First 2 episodes reeled me in but I was disappointed with the lack of beta after. I'm sticking with to see if it'll get interesting frontline action, which seems to be starting up again.

Kingdom - 7/10
Story's good, characters are driven, interesting enemies, and nice gritty fights/battles = good shounen. Good OP & ED songs. It's a pity the CG animation is pretty bad and probably turning off viewers.

Tanken Driland - 7/10
Still in the introductory phase and it's looking good, so we'll see.

Binbougami Ga! - 8/10
Lots of comedic efforts by Binbougami and parodies aplenty.

Sword Art Online - 7-8/10
Storytelling's frustrating but the concept is very good. Things are picking up currently so it looks like it's getting better.

Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita - 9/10
Easily the most amusing show of the summer. Catchy OP & ED. A great show and deserves the attention it's getting.

Eureka 7: AO - 8/10
Lots of things to puzzle over and keeps me watching.
Accel World - 8/10
Story's smoother than SAO.
Kuroko no Basuke - 9/10
Hunter x Hunter - 9/10
One Piece - 6/10
The animation quality of recent arc is lacking in action and appearance. Extended shots of and panning of still shots and too many off scene chatter makes the pacing of each episode just tortuous. I already wait to watch in batches and it still feels like it's dragging on and on. I wish they'd stop prolonging the arc, finish it and take a break so they can return to better quality.
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