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Call to arms to all Haruhi-ists again, especially those of the hidden sub-faction known as "Yuki-ists".

With Haruhi's decrease in vote count still fresh in memory, I'm once again attempting to rouse as many Mikuru-ists and Yuki-ists to not let complacency set in and move their arses at once.

Mikuru seems to be the one with more risk, facing off with the Nanoha and Higurashi fanbase. Remember what happened to Tsuruya-san and Ryoko, the former was even clear favourite to progress, only to succumb to a last-hour surge in School Rumble voters. So vote away and bring the SOS Brigade trio into the second round. Every eligible vote counts.

I just want the three main girls at least to do well in the early stages, that's all. No sinister agenda whatsoever. Just like how I want my favourite football team to win every game. I may win no prizes myself, but I get enjoyment and satisfaction in return for being part of the ride.
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