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Originally Posted by fignae
While I'm still trying to put my finale feelings into the words which aren't coming.
In a way, I think that is about as perfect a description of the finale as you can get. This show made me feel a lot of emotion that I don't think I can ever properly put into though any words I could come up with would be a disservice or misrepresentation. We can and will discuss what we think happened to all of the characters, but in the end I think the feelings are more important than irrefutable knowledge.

I wanted more of these characters so I went and threw some money at the Simoun manga compilation from Yuri Hime that just came out. I was disappointed to find out that the two manga stories won't be anywhere near as involved a storyline (and that the first is so short!). On the flip side, it will be nice to see these characters in some less bittersweet situations, as long as their personalities are mostly the same.

Does anyone know how long the second manga will run in Megami Magazine? Is it just a short run like the one in Yuri Hime?

The novel: Anyone know if this is this a pure adaptation of the anime, or is the story retold in a different way?


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