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Originally Posted by Kaoru Chujo
I can't quite understand all of what AS says just under this last pic on the front page of her website, but it looks very interesting. If someone could translate it, I'd really appreciate it.
"Somewhere I could have chosen other than here.
However, I'm standing here, accepting my life.

The place, where everyone lives, where I could have stayed.
However, I, with the one whom I love, fly away toward the dream from my childhood,
leaving everything behind.

Shoujo does not last forever. A boy lose his freedom, forced to fight.
You(anata) are, You(kimi) are, another possibility. Did not choose. Another opportunity.
The eternal love which neither get touched nor fade away.
Of mine, living in a reality, and of the girl, living in a dream.
However, that is never unhappy. That is the dearest and the sweatest memory.."

I guess the blue one is waht Froe(Frof) says and the red one is what Aeru says and the black one is told by both of them.
It is TRULY INTERESTING dialogue between two. It is right to the theme of Simoun.

I'm not really sure about my translation...
so anyone please correct me if i am wrong.
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