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Originally Posted by Solecs View Post
I still liked the episode as a whole though, they built up the Welkin-Alicia-Faldio relationship and showed off either side's jerkface generals (Gregor and Damon). I also like to think that they built up Welkin. It seemed like Welkin was aware of how terrible a general Damon is and was ok with not working under his command (i.e. he knew that Damon was going to get screwed.). But then that's just speculation on my part :-/.
I don't think it's speculation at all, otherwise that whole talk about Welkin's incomprehensible yet mostly on-point logic between Faldio and Alicia would have been somewhat misplaced. Welkin saw all the stuffed animal heads used as decoration while listening to the general's words and determined that the man was overarrogant and cocky with himself.

As for the supporting characters being used as props, it doesn't bother me right now. Fleshing out the more important characters first while it's still early in the series before getting the supporting characters is something I generally prefer. Of course, I haven't played the game yet, and I'm planning to get it this summer, so my mind might change.

I gave this episode an 8/10. It was an episode that once again highlighted Welkin's perceptiveness and showed the brute tactical force of the Empire.

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