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Originally Posted by Harogenki
Now granted my avatar is freakin' awesome, but should I make a comic strip about it? It'd have to be hosted on someone else's site cause I don't have money for a site and I cant host comic strips from free sites, it just doesnt work. I've already made one sample comic strip but I can't show it unless theres a way to upload pics from your pc. Help anyone? Maybe I can show people through AIM?
That avatar sure is something. You're right. It's pretty good... well, pretty good for something a 10 year old drew on paint anyway. You are 10 years old though right?

There are over 50,000 webcomics online and only a few dozens are worth checking out at all. If you're going to start something I suggest you get more experience drawing or at least get a good sense of humor.

If you want to upload images where people can check em out just sign up for

That's the good thing about the internet. You have the freedom to put up any kind of crap you want... and we have the freedom not to check it out
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