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his fast too. As the story progress be it maybe his experience or his initial talent. His stronger than your average thug and a lot faster than your running athlete.

If we compare it on his speed when his fighting against his enemies which he sees as a real enemies and doesn't holding back a bit. Like for example against vent. The novel describe his speed as fast as an arrow. I'm not sure on how fast an arrow travels but that's considered fast. Maybe not as fast as accelerator or gunha but still his fast enough than the others. Specially those who rely much on their powers and lacks physical stamina and strength.

The only fast ones I know are the saints that move faster than speed of sound then accelerator and gunha who uses their ability to travel at the speed of sound. Then theirs those professional magicians who are trained but still if it's just physical test only with out power ups or supports. His on the upper level. The only who brawls with him that doesn't use magic or power ups is tsuchimikado who is also a skill martial artist and great with guns and basically his the type of what you call genius.
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