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Arguably better than last week, this episode however has a lot left to be desired so to speak.

The obvious first thing to note is that... Ichika's denseness is reaching its critical mass, basically abnormally close to a black hole. Honestly, at this point, I wonder if he would even understand a direct confession if the opportunity shows up (which is borderline the case with Houki "so subtle" attempt... but what do you know, since this line in Japanese can mean something else, like its english counterpart...).
I guess the "thinking would be pointless" might be the explanation for everything...

Also, as much as I love Hanazawa's performances, I really think she is indeed a miscast and they should have chosen a seiyuu who can have a "middly" convincing boy voice (as long it isn't something like Kobayashi...).
"Charles" as a whole is definitely difficult to consider seriously as a boy, but from an anime perspective, the suspension of disbelief in term of gender is always distorded in a way or another

Now, as for everything afterwards... well it isn't really surprising to see harem antics here and there, and I must say seeing Houki like this is a treat. However, catfights like this are oozing way too much for my liking, and being displayed right in the open worsen Ichika's density to the max.
It becomes even more silly, for the better or for the worse, when we are dealing with the feeding scene...
This is getting worse with the breast groping scene and the obvious reactions from the girls (with an absolute lack of reaction from Houki, as surprising as it can be ), with some mismatched slapsticks and whatnot (and that terrible anime physic laws).

However, what concerns me the most was how the animation took a huge dive, especially when it was the exhibition match between Cecilia, Rin and Maya. Design was fine, but animation itself was so simple it hurts. At least, it was for a short sequence with little to no consequence for the "main plot" so heh...
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