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Originally Posted by Tenchi Hou Take View Post
It's pretty obvious they won't be getting much screen time through this season. You should probably have resigned yourself to that. Plus Koneko's a loli and despite the fanservice this isn't that type of anime, and neither is issei a lolicon. The most you'll probably get is the ED and the random scene here and there.
I'll defend my fort till death !@!

She's not loli just petite/cute.
She is 1 year younger than Ise, how is that loli ...
I remember one girl from my previous work, damn everyone loved her, why? Cause she was small like 150-160cm and had quite a boobs and a face of an angel. And no we weren't pedobears she was just so cute that you wanted to hug her and keep to yourself.

If Koneko was like Louise with a boobs that go into depression O_o, or some other 1 digit old girl from anime then you could call her loli. But she isn't any much younger than the rest of staff, and she isn't super flat. Even though she's flat compared to rest of the staff, you would still consider her *normal* based on the Real Life standards, considering they are still growing.
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