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Originally Posted by TheEroKing View Post
rofl, even I never thought of something that perverted. still need to learn a lot from mangatron senpai
I make no small effort to hide the fact that I would motorboat those in a heartbeat
Originally Posted by Malkuth View Post
I also have more mainstream favourites (NSFW... duh), and being chained on the roof of an abandoned building has nothing to do with her appeal to me
Hey.... I-I didn't say anything about the rooftop of an abandoned building....

Originally Posted by Tenchi Hou Take View Post
His shocked reaction was most probably due to the 5 sec rather than the fact he was going to get it. Which is logical if you had been spending several hours contemplating what you were going to do with said reward coming up with several scenario's in your mind to find out you only had 5 secs, the first reaction you had would be shocked even if only for a second like he was.
Issei broke the first rule of quantity: 5 seconds is better than 0 seconds. Imagine if my boss gave me an extra 5 minutes of overtime to wrap up my work, I'd say "heck yeah thanks!" and eat up those 5 minutes of work. I'm not going to go "oh I got 5 minutes. What should I do? Should I check the net? Which site should I visit? Pixiv or Danbooru?" no no no, that was 5 minutes for work, there's no decision to make, I got a job to do and I'm going to do it.

Issei failed to capitalize. This guy was as good as dead twice, and a chance like this, 5 seconds of booby time, is a chance he never could have gotten had he stayed dead, the only choice to take there was "will I do it or will I not", but that wasn't the choice.

Originally Posted by Shimapan View Post
Nonsense. There's absolutely no point choosing one or the other, just take them both! What for do you have two hands?
Exactamundo! What's the difference between one boob or the other?

Originally Posted by Tenchi Hou Take View Post
He wasn't planning on fondling them... He was planning on sucking on her nipples or at least dipping his head in one of them (most probably sucking). The dudes moto is that fondling breasts are for low class perverts, real men suck on those tits. Hence his decision, he only has one mouth. Perhaps you could say it doesn't matter which tit he sucked on, but god dammit it mattered to him.

I think you forgot the part that I've been trying to point out, Issei eventually decided to go for the both of them at once, 4 seconds too late. He wasn't deciding which one to suck, hell why decide anyways? Did he try to use x-ray vision to determine which boob has more milk? No.

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