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Originally Posted by solwyvern View Post
You must be referring to the Katahane wallpaper I made?

There are actually two stories to Katahane: Kurohane and Shirohane
Each story has the same main characters with different names... at least from what I know..

The girls are Princess Christina and Efa. But, if you see pictures of them in modern clothing, they're Angelina and Belle. That's because the game has two parts in it - the past and the present.
Yea, I know that since I played the game but

Spoiler for SPACE:

Says Angelina(Isn't it Efa) and Christina.

ベル - Belle (Blonde loli with White Cloth)
アンジェリナ - Angelia(Black hair with Modern Cloth of Christina)

エファ- Efa (Blonde loli with Black clothed)
クリスティナ - Christina (Black hair with White clothed)

So it should be, Efa and Christina and not Angelia and Christina unless Efa translate as Angelina so I thought. If I missed anything correct me please.
BTW I <3 this game, Look @ tag.
I love Flandre Scarlet
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