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Originally Posted by yezhanquan View Post
Well, that I can. I was in the Army for 2 years, so I do know a thing or two about military bonding. If soldiers can't bond, operations would be compromised. Wild Blue from the late Stephen Ambrose says it better than I do:

"It was critical for each crew to develop and maintain a close bond....."

"They were on their way to being men at war. They would need to have a closeness unknown to civilians, no matter what the civilians did. Their lives would be at stake. Every one of them had to depend, absolutely, on everyone else doing his job right. They had to not only get along with one another but also to have unquestioning faith in each other... "
Then you understand completely what I mean. If Alicia had made ANY kind of threat towards Squad 7, then they might have had a reason to fear her. But she made none. She only attacked the enemy Valkyria. This is Alicia we're talking about here. Second to Isara in being the kindest person in the Squad. After what they've all shared, there's no way they could turn their backs on her just because she's now known as a Valkyria. Their bond, their relationship, is already on another level from just mere classmates, or co-workers.
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