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Why did Damon not recruit her? Simply put, he didn't know. He never did, even until his fall from grace he never knew what the hell was that thing which not only saved Gallian forces but thrashed an Imperial stronghold in the process. Nobody from the regular army recognized Alicia, why should they? After all, she was orphaned at a young age and from the countryside. Moreover, Eleanor kept the incident in a low profile and probably did not make a full report. Moreover, the platoon commanders had no authority to speak to the general directly unless summoned upon, thus severing any possibility for the truth behind this case to be known by Damon.

Moreover, why should being frightened be their only response to Alicia's transformation? You are really not convincing me.

Because she changed? That it? I mean, thats your best argument? That we should be frightened because a dear person we know changed? Hell, I felt more pity than fright.

Sometimes, its not about comparison really. At this point, its more about the idiocy and the utter unrealism of the anime itself.

- Tak
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