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Originally Posted by HunterSeeker View Post
You may say it's unappropriate for thsoe long-time comrades to fear a member from a family, but they have the right to fear. History already showed us that unknown to something may lead to fear towards it------from ancient-enough fire to modern Typhoon Sub. Simply said, if you watched Band of Brothers (or read its novel version) then the "legends" of Lt. Speirs had already spread fear among 506th even when almost no one saw his "deeds" in person.
Good point you mention that because there is one point to add about being a "comrade" and having "comrades".

To be a comrade does not limit to the unit or the armed force type. If you are in the army, then you are comraded with all soldiers of your nation or even cross border in allied forces.

At the end comradism only means that you are civilians wearing the same ugly clothes, sharing the same toilet, showers, working for nation and country and share the same housings. In addition you help each other out if your comrades get in trouble against other comrades
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