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Originally Posted by Jetstorm View Post
lol wut? Why were people skeptical when the series says "vomic" on page 1 of chapter 36? lmao.
I think that's just me being skeptical because my usual source of getting these stuff was offline (I never download stuff), but a whole bunch of people read the raws and nobody said anything.

Originally Posted by ZODDGUTS View Post
Issue 11 Bottom 6
Kanata Seven Change
Medaka Box
Neko Wappa (end)
... oh well

Originally Posted by Westlo View Post
Predictable cut is predictable, Rilenthal is next up, stupid jump could've cut these two first and than cut Ane Doki and got another volume that would've sold over 100,000 copies easy.

smh @ Jump saving Kuroko again with another color page next issue after it went in the bottom 5, its like clockwork.
I think Kawashita should just freaking work for Joker instead of Jump.
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