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Originally Posted by ReaperxKingx View Post
Does Palmer know the full history of Hasley's actions? I feel like she doesn't and I am surprise that even the Spartan IVS like Majestic didn't have any clue to who she was and was refereed to as a mad scientist.
I'm pretty sure an earlier episode dealt with allot of the SIV's knowing that Halsey had the original SII's kidnapped and turned into murder bots.

Though frankly, I never quite bought the supposed moral outrage everyone was experiencing over that. Is it a horrible human rights violation? Undoubtedly. But I'm not sure human rights violations are something that civilizations that have just come out of 28 years of xenocidal warfare are all that concerned about.

I sorta wonder if they initially came up with the idea of Halsey becoming a bit of a blacksheep, but then Karen Traviss turned it up to 11.
Originally Posted by ReaperxKingx View Post
All things consider, Halsey will get out of this situation one way or another. She is in contact with Librarian who probably gave her plenty of knowledge to keep the UNSC at bay. Though I am frighten by the thought of Chief finding out what the UNSC is doing to her, its going to be ugly if he does find out especially along with the other Spartan IIs aside from Naomi.
If we haven't heard about Master Chief in action yet In Spartan ops, I'd venture the guess that he's probably not on board the infinity. They've probably set him up on forced R&R, along with scientific testing to determine what exactly the Librarian did to him.
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