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Originally Posted by Dr.Kureha
Btw slighly off topic but where did the other blackbeard crew mates come from???
Were they also members of whitebeards crew that just followed blackbeard?
Complete unknown, though i assume none of them are from Whitebeard's crew... Ace probably would have mentioned he was hunting for someone else along with blackbeard... though we do know, Laffite, the one that showed up to nominate Blackbeard for Schikibukai, was a former police officer from west blue...

Originally Posted by sleroux
Ace does too have a "d" in his name, so he must be one of them elite pirates
however, among the other great ones, WhiteB, redhair, eagleeye, iceman
ace seems a littel weak, well perhaps hes not finishing develope yet
iam sure that he cant take off blackbeard alone, blackbeard & co. are too strong!
Nah, i think the only reason he seems a little weak is because he's a subordinate and not a leader/highly-named like the rest... Had he been running his own crew or if poeple reconized him and feared him, you probably wouldn't get that same feeling from him... afterall, "firefist ace", doesn't sound as threatening as "Strongest man in the world", "Strongest swordsman in the world", or "one of the strongest of the marines"... but ofcourse, being a high-ranking subordinate under Whitebeard, isn't really a title you can scoff at easily

Take on blackbeard, yes... take on blackbeard AND his crew, not as sure
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