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Originally Posted by Stephanie View Post
OMG!! Arigatou!! n_n

Though, for the avatar size, now that I think about it, doesn't matter..
Though, just one of any size you want, and one 160x160 size..

Border, well, since I'd ask too much, it's ok with none..

Found the Utena eps again but seeing it, they just had to put text on part of that rotating scene. Which wouldn't be so hard if the flower was spinning the same way with Utena but it spins backwards >.<

Ok I searched and found a creditless Utena OP, thank god. Solved the text problem. I still had to go and delete the 2nd flower out every single one of the frames. Repetitive desu... But since it's Utena I don't really mind it.

ok there they are!

☆167KB ☆215KB

Obviously you won't be using these here on Asuki because of the size. I tried making it bigger just to see but it looks a lot more blurry so this is it.

eh.. I'll post it anyway if for some reason you need it.


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