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Been looking for days and days but it just seems impossible to do. I have found a hell lot of listing for these games on and but like Yahoo auctions japan, the only way to get stuff from there is contact an errand service that will get the stuff for you.

But I don't think any errand services exists in Taiwan or China, so the I thought about play-asia and emailed them about that but I have not received any answer yet, but I don't think they will be able to get them for me. has the taiwanese versions listed on there, but they are all sold out of it.

Oh I see that both a chinese and Taiwanese verion has been released. I think the chinese version is called. Heroine Anthem: The Elect of Wassernixie

So far I could make out 3 different publisher for those games (Heroine Anthem 1 and 2)

Chinese publisher for Heroine Anthem 1 & 2:

Winking Entertainment: (I am pretty sure Winking Entertainment is the chinese publisher for both games)

And the taiwanese publishers are:

Heroine Anthem 1 (Third Wave) (The website is dead)


Heroine Anthem 2 (Soft World)

I am not sure about all this though.

The only official website for that first game that I could find that still works is:

The games are spelled like that in Taiwanese (or is it simplified chinese?):

Heroine Anthem: The Elect of Wassernixie 聖女之歌 人魚的新娘

Heroine Anthem 2: The Angel of Sarem 聖女之歌2 撒雷母天使

Besides all that info, I don't know where to look or what to do to get this game.

So what should I do? I don't care if I get the taiwanese or chinese version of those games, I just want the games...

So anyone think they could give me a hand or a tip on to how to get these games?
Hey, I'm looking to sell Heroine Anthem 1 and Heroine Anthem 2. If you live in the U.S., I'm willing to part with them for $40 (this includes shipping).

I studied abroad in China last year and picked the games up because I heard about them from an import gaming community. However, I have not had the time to play the games because I bought a Wii and a DS Lite.

Anyway I have the original CD cases and CDs, manuals for both of the games, a mini-strategy guide and a music CD for the first game (the second game apparently already comes with a music CD bundled in it), and a bonus bookmark that came with the second game. Unfortunately I have no retail boxes because I needed to save space in my luggage. But I kept all the important stuff.

I was looking to sell it on eBay but I sort of felt that I wouldn't get any bids for it. So now I'm hunting for people on Google who might be interested. If you ARE interested, let me know.
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