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For me I believe your individuality means nothing and it has no value if you cannot contribute anything to society in any kind of forward progression. With you example of the man in the basement that does nothing, his life for me has no value. For very few would even remember him when his death come, and few would even mourn his death and it doesn't affect much at all. If you include Kamui assumption that he did do some studies but never got the chance distribute his ideas to the world but maybe found later on, then his life/value would have some significance after his discovery would be found.

-Now Metaphysically, all humans should be able to go around killing each other without consequences, the strongest survive and form a most efficient and positive community till they eventually die out an somewhere out there in the billion stars, an alien specie replaces us. But that would be an eugenic concept and that is ethically wrong
This is possible, but this only survived because there was no governing body to rule the others. The entity of supreme being would happen to be the strongest living body, mostly being the largest person with the most bulk, thus reverting us back to a uncivilized world.

From this we can conclude that life has no 'essential' value. An individual within itself carries no influence without another entity it could influence, which happens to be one of the conditions that have to be satisfied for something to carry value. Hence my life as a person carries no value lives as people do. So life holds a 'relative' value. We are important to others is why we are important to ourselves.
Yes, we are only important if we are needed, other than that, a single life holds no value. But that doesn't mean this life should be eliminated or restrained.

For example:
One cannot know what how small something is until he has seen something bigger. There has to be difference, something of an opposing value to define one. Life would carry no meaning if death wasn't an inevitable fact. Hence we say that death is the absence of life.

So to define the value of a human life, we need something of comparison.
Each individual is affect by those around him/her. Much like the celestial bodies revolves around each other. The sun is the center of our galaxy with the earth, the moon, and the little space debris spins around the sun. While each holds not too much value by themselves, the sun is the center creating valuable energy in the form of light converted to heat for the earth, the heat is transferred into energy to sucrose in the means of photosynthesis and just follow the food chain up and this example is completed.

While the Earth itself holds little value, it "can" hold life, which creates a "significant" force for itself. Well... in the spiritual sense.

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As short as I can possibly be ... when someone is murdered.... not only has a consciousness been snuffed but the *bonds* with every single other consciousness has been violated/nullified.

Its an entanglement issue, neither can exist without the other - each is created by the other in some way.

Interesting thread
So we are saying death and life negate each others? Vice versa too.

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