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What I meant from 'value' was nothing but 'influence'. You influence something either with a relationship/feeling or with an act. So saying something had 'relative metaphysical value' means that anything the solitary man did to himself didn't change anything. As we see ourselves, we are nothing. But if we look at ourselves as a friend or an enemy would look at us, suddenly we gain importance because we've somehow influenced them. So while we are nothing important within ourselves, relatively we might be. That is how I would define the value I've used to base the whole theory on. So I would say it really is as simple as it sounds, but I'll definitely consider your arguments, they're all plausible.
Let us now bow our heads in silence for Bob. Bob was a simple man, who had no real connection to our world besides living in it. However, because of one moment in time, he avoided a traffic accident by making a turn before he was supposed to, and set off a chain of events that made our world the way it is today.

Everyone who lives knows someone who died. We pause and remember them for how they affected our lives. We rarely pause and reflect on those we don't know, who died, and influenced our lives without us knowing.

I'm glad you comprehend things the way had intended. The murderer is weak if he got caught, but he shouldn't be killed by even weaker beings who're afraid of him. Ofcourse it's far too late to implement eugenics successfully now, now that we're around 10 thousand years into the (somewhat) civilized human history. But as I've said, it would've been a natural and ideal way to first grow to our biotic potential and then elimiate with eugenics. It's what we've essentially been doing all along, to reach a eutopia. A 'perfect' world and at the epitome of efficiency. We'll go on to try and being perfect with better products, and less 'waste' in every sense of the word. So just as we get closer to perfection, we get further from humanity and eventually we do find perfection, but only in utter extinction and death. Death is quite perfect unless you believe in reincarnation.
Humans would not be the top of the chain today if we weren't strong. In our species view, the murderer is the weak one. He does not help our society, he disrupts it.

Death is imperfect. What's the point of life if death is all that awaits you? Sure, you can look at life as the most basic terms - consume, excrete, sleep. Humans are more than that. We also create, destroy, question, improve. We're far more complex than the circle of life. So what's the point of being human and having all of this "baggage" if we're simply meant to be animals and die quietly?

It's hard for me to accept that we'll move beyond humanity when one of our most basic and enduring questions is what it means to *be* human.
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