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The murderer has simply acted upon what he thought was 'free will' as he didn't see himself bound by ethical or religious boundries while he was committing the 'crime'. I'm not defending murder but rather giving it a different, less cruel perspective.
Well, murder happens for many reasons. Sometimes it's a fit of emotional rage or passion. Sometimes it's because of money. Sometimes it's because you just want to do it. The need/want to lash out does manifest in many ways. And I agree that one moral standpoint doesn't cancel out another, but something has to give, both views need to compromise. It's either that and function as a society or be unwilling to compromise and eat each other alive.

Some people just like to watch the world burn.

By death I meant extinction, you are right.. a human life does have more to it. But once you are dead, you are over. Another memory, without sentience or another 'shadow' of an entity that existed. Ofcourse I'm an Atheist to not look forward to a heaven or hell :/ but I warned about that earlier.
Heaven and hell are constructs of the mind. I'm not much of a religious person, but I believe that it's impossible to state "when you die that's it", because truthfully even our best experts know not even a drop in the bucket about the universe we live in.

Life isn't perfect because you can be half dead even while you live, and life can be changed and improved and lived. Death is the absence of everything. Everything has imperfections thus the absence of everything would leave nothing to bear any flaws. To put it in another context, it's as perfect as an imaginary friend, a friend you created to perfectly fit your needs?
Glass is half full here: Can't you be half alive when dead? No zombie jokes here. Merely suggesting that the state can be transient. If everything else is a grey area, why does life and death have to be decisive?

Humans are weird.

Though that won't apply to this situation, since Jack has never known a friend or anyone, so his feelings would be just as unreal as anything else and although you might think he has created value by loving this creature, he has influenced no enteties :/
You know, we could all be the figment of someones imagination. Doesn't change the fact that we are still here, fake or not.

Please point out any errors, I'm almost making this up as I go :/ improvising.
Meh, that's the best way to do it.
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