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Originally Posted by Solace View Post
I disagree. One might call it destiny, or fate, that we are who we are. That nagging question people ask themselves everyday..."why am I here?" "what is the point of my existence?"....I think the equation is balanced by the times you are somewhere or doing something. I don't think life is measured by why, so much as when. When are you going to die? Your choices determine when things happen around you and when they'll affect others as a result.

The why is important, but the when matters more. Unfortunately you can't predict the when. So we all just blunder through our lives making the best of it we can until our time comes to leave. How we choose to spend that time is really the only thing that matters in life, in my opinion.

If you imagine the universe as a giant chain of events, things *have* to happen in order to give rise to new events. So to say someone is nothing before they were born and consequently are nothing when they die sounds negative, if not fatalistic. That's not to say you are powerless to choose your own destiny, but things will play out unforseen no matter what you do. The destination might not change, but the path is yours to travel.

If you want a circle of life kind of answer, you can also reflect upon existence in this manner: Action and reaction. You are born, therefore you must die. But why do you have to be born? You, specifically. What couldn't it have been one of thousands of eggs and millions of sperm, across billions of males and females coupling that produced a different person. Why you?

The balance of life is that you have to die to make sure the system is never overburdened with constant new lives and older lives that never expire. There are many built in safeties, but man is slowly overcoming them. It's safe to say that the system nature built is being eroded by mans ability to move beyond it. The only safety nature could create to keep this in check would be something so fatal the species would be wiped out.

So again, balance is subjective. Life and death are transient stages of existence. Knowing only what your time is like during your life holds little value before or after this existence as you are now. At least, to you personally. To those who are still living, your value is only decided upon by them.

Yes, perhaps a bit philosophical, but it's some of the reflections I've been pondering for a few years now.

So then your saying that everything is already pre-planed then? I might be reading it wrong (probably like 1 hour of sleep last night studying for my finals, just got done with algebra finals and am supposed to be doing a project on the computer so please excuse my mis-interpitation if i'm wrong).

If you ask me, your life is pre-determined by the choices you make...Your life is not completely set, you are set on a path in which you must take, it's just the choices along the way will effect the outcome....So, makeing your life have value or not would be entierly up to you....So your life is not pre-determined, just the path you walk on is....
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