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Yeah, Shouta, I'm not sure I like the rental model either. I'd rather own a DVD if I'm going to pay money personally.

It's nice that they are making it available early, but I hope this doesn't preclude it from being licensed for a real release in the US eventually so that I can own it on dual-language DVD (so I can watch in both languages depending on my mood and so I can watch with friends) with a nice hard copy and nice packaging and stuff.

I'm really not sure I want to pay money for youtube quality streaming videos (bost is pay on-demand streaming from reading the FAQ, right?), plus I also like owning a real physical copy of stuff I like if I'm going to pay money for it. I don't really have the desire to spend money on video files like people do over Xbox Live and stuff, especially with the flimsy HD's I've experienced over the years instead of having a "mostly" permanent DVD on my shelf, often with better quality as well, but I buy a ton of R1 anime DVDs so I'm more or less part of the hardcore group of anime and movie buffs who like collecting DVDs.

"The technical and commercial specifics of the video distribution will vary between these websites, from free streaming to fee-based download of high-resolution movie files, so as to cater to the different needs of users in the diverse digital climates."

The AOD article goes further saying that there will be a range of quality available from free to paying for higher res versions depending on which of the three services you use. Atleast that sounds better than what I got out of ANN's original article since it looks like I might be able to sample the crappy youtube-quality ones for free and then have the option of buying a nice high-res one, which might be worth it for some people to hold them until the DVDs come if either show is really good. I still REALLY hope this doesn't stop a real R1 dvd release with both a sub and dub though as I think that would suck.

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