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i think this and belsereiter are gonna be damn good.. especially if gonzo's using them to try to "sell" the new concept to the western world..
i mean there will be no sense in trying to sell a bad product in a new way.. thats just gonna kill the new delivery system..
it would be like having really good clothes in a fasion show and having shitty models.. that just doesn't work..

i think druaga and blesereiter are gonna be really good considering this new info.

btw from what i get
in this new delivery system there will basically be 4 ways to get you Anime
youtube- that will probably be the lowest qulity , but completely free.
crunchyroll- i am not sure if they will have a free LQ version. but if so i kinda think its better then youtube, not sure thou.. also they have an HQ and H264 HQ version options for paying members.
i didn't get to check it out but my guess they will basically be having mq-hq kinda quality. pretty good and cheap (i think its like 20$ for a whole year of HQ over there, or something along those lines)

after this comes BOST.
they have HQ-streaming which is pretty good, you can actually watch it in fullscreen and not feel too bad (and a i have an 1080P screen so a 720P screen would be pretty sane)
over there it goes around 100pts(or about 1.9$) per episode for a 14 days "rent" so you can watch episodes over there if you want HQ stream(which is around the 740px resolutions, so its about the same as the average AVI fansub..)

and then comes the last option,
which was mentioned in a couple of places which is the ability to actually download the ep for a real HD video, I'm talking about 720p-1080p or so.
now it was not said directly but i think this refers to the GONZO p2p site.
i think they will use that to distribute the files for download.
now for those prices theres still nothing,
but i can tell you that speed graphed is sold over there for 1000 yen for the MQ file, and 1500 yen for a HQ file.
they had a special sale for a long time and during that time it was 500 for the MQ and 750 for the HQ.
also theres an ultra HQ that i am guessing will be for 1080p as it is 8MBIT/S.

these files btw are (from what i understood at least) for good.
that is when you buy them they are yours.
but they do have DRM so that kinda sucks at the moment.
i think they might drop it thou, or have an option to pay a little more to get a clean version.

fixed the spelling of this post XD
was damn tired when i wrote it at 2am, after a day at a convention XD

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