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There ain't much to discuss EXCEPT the trailer, so guess what? That's our topic of discussion until further news.

Now the design of the character is probably something to get used to, and I probably will, but the problem I have is if it's going to at least maintain the style.
By style I mean, the sort of campiness that the games had. I only ever finished DMC1 and played a bit of DMC4, but I assume that all had that over-the-top action too.

This guy, this skinny-ass, gothic-emo frame of a guy just doesn't cut it for me. What did he do? he has two pistols and some black etheral whip-scythe-etc. weapon.
Compared to OG Dante's weapon's, these don't look as stylish or as cool to fight with to me (Both have twin pistols, but OG Dante's look way better.)
Of course, we got to see actual gameplay before sending it off.

Also, he smokes cigarettes. Because that makes him HOT SHIT amirite?
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