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Originally Posted by AC-Phoenix View Post
I disagree about everything being explainable with Rosa. You can fill her in as Beatrice for some parts but thats everything. The only crime she could have comitted hrself in EP 2 was the first one. We have no clue that she ever left Battlers side from then on. I would even go further and claim she is the detective for the 2nd game as battler stopped thinking rationally at some point.
I pointed this out a while back:

1) For the second twilight, Rosa was alone (briefly) while going to find Kinzo. Even then, her story of being with Kinzo is definitely false.

2) Rosa is mentioned as having child-strength sedatives in Episode 3.

3) Rosa is mentioned as making dinner for Battler.

4) When Genji knocks on the parlor door to report finding Nanjo & Kumasawa, he wakes Battler up
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