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Originally Posted by Kealym
Is forehead-smashing really the consensus? We're told several times about how difficult it'd be to drive a the conically shaped staked through a skull.
It's the power and determination of love!

Otherwise the problem arises how she hid the weapon from the all-seeing eye of our incompetent detective.

Originally Posted by AC-Phoenix
but you forgot that Battler still had the head ring wich was inside the envelope. The
red truth also heavily implies that it actually existed
And it has been very heavily implied that the chapel door was locked in EP2. And? It wasn't. They didn't misinterpret a "similiar" sound for knocking because neither the knock nor a similiar sound existed.

It just means that everyone is covering Shannon, who gave the ring to Battler.

Originally Posted by AC-Phoenix
No you can take it out of context in this case - if you combine it with the other one. You can interpret it as 'even in the Meta world'. It doesn't have to mean that he is the actual culprit just that he is allowed to lie using purple now.
And what would that accomplish? Especially because Bern's rules probably don't apply outside her game anyway? And because you acknowledged yourself that the result doesn't matter too much? His purple statements aren't too exciting; actually the only general statement is "as if Maria could kill someone. Maria-chan couldn't kill anyone." Everything else relates to game-specific stuff (what was locked, who was dead, etc.).

If anything, it means that a second solution to Bern's game is possible, although not intended, which mirrors the main story. Maybe the Japanese fan base had their own Rosatrice.

Maybe you meant it that way to begin with, sure. Sorry in that case.

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