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Uh , let's just put it this way. Oscillinium has molecules that repetitively shake causing it to shred ion a micro scale but heat on a macro scale since molecular kinetics translate into heat. The 4th metal is the complete opposite. High density molecular structure and little to no space minimize molecular motions so there is little heat and high hardness. The lack of flexible bonds make the metal brittle. But despite its structure, it has a contradictory ability to absorb kinetic impact on a macro scale. The cooling effect is only natural as external heat tries to enter the lower heat environment of the metal.

EDIT: @stratos: It's not insta include, that's for sure. Right now it's concept. The plot doesn't necessitate it and I don't have that much plans for the sword yet.

About the hardness, it's that, hard but it is also brittle. If you had to chart its deformation, elastic line is nearly non-existent, while the plastic point and fracture point are practically the same point. So if it were only as hard as diamond, IS could just crush it outright.

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