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Originally Posted by AVPlaya View Post
Go buy it for Soujirou!
Originally Posted by Zero Shinohara View Post
Hahaha, know what? I actually do feel like going out to get myself some real Ramen after this excited post. Perhaps I'll look for a Japanese market around here, although there aren't probably very many. But oh, come on. You guys do live the good life, don't you? I never had the chance of eating pocky... Kagamisama and Suiseiseki-chan eat it all the time... Why do I must endure this suffering?
Might I recommend to those folks lacking a good local Asian market? I lack a good Japanese market, myself (we have EVERYTHING international here--from Filipino to Korean to El Salvadorian--except for Japanese!). I made my first order from there after another forum-ite had good things to say about the site, and you can get quite a bit without exceeding the not-quite-US$5 for ground shipping across the US.

Yesterday afternoon, I just purchased bought some Nissin noodle cups: kitsune udon, shoyu ramen, tempura soba, yakisoba, and salt ramen. Remember, folks: When buying Japanese noodles, buy the Japanese manufactured ones! Just because another country's product has the same brand name, it doesn't mean it's the same noodle! ZS, you can also find Pocky there, as well as a ton of other things (I also bought some sweet bread, as well as sweet rice flour and azuki beans for making daifuku and taiyaki--ok, not really taiyaki, since I don't have a sea-breem shaped pan.) It'll take four business days to get to me, though. Oh, what a tragic wait!

I'll have to boil water the old fashioned way, though. What a trial! At least the tap at work has a built-in heater (well, it would be good if the water here was potable). I miss my old dorm, where the hot water straight from the tap was near boiling.
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