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Put a Bird On It: More Lovely Part Japanese Ladies in Entertainment Plus Fred Armisen

Since I first wrote these last three posts in this thread - Japanese Singers Fluent in English, The Japanese Diaspora, Part 1, The Japanese Diaspora, Part 2 - I have considerably edited and added more info to each post.

Two individuals I initially forgot to include were singer/songwriter Olivia Lufkin in the Japanese Singers Fluent in English post and comedian/actor/musician Fred Armisen in the The Japanese Diaspora, Part 2 post.

I have also added to The Japanese Diaspora, Part 2 (former) TV news anchor Dina Eastwood, actor/director Clint Eastwood's wife and star of the upcoming TV reality show Mrs. Eastwood & Company, fashion model Kimora Lee Simmons, and actress Chrishell Stause.

Their segments are at the bottoms of the respective posts.

Although neither of her biological parents have a "Latino ancestral heritage," the father of Dina Eastwood (born Dina Ruiz), Michael Ruiz, was born to an African American father and a Japanese American mother (in Hawai'i, I think). Michael was adopted, I have read, by a Latino couple (in Hawai'i, I think) named Ruiz - a stepfather who was of Portuguese descent and and a stepmother who was of Puerto Rican descent. (Yep, that kind of family tree sounds like what one could get in the Aloha State.)

Dina Eastwood's mother is of Irish, English, and German descent.

Fred Armisen and Chrishell Stause both have part Latino lineages, Venezuelan for Armisen, Spanish for Stause. Armisen can play a member of virtually any ethnic or racial group. Stause plays nothing but Caucasians.

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