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Originally Posted by GDB View Post
Any suggestions on some nice (gaijin friendly) onsen that I should hit up when in Japan? I'm not sure of what ones may be in Tokyo, but I'd prefer ones that could easily be reached via shinkansen.

As it is, I already plan on going out of my way to visit the Tottori Sanin Bokoro, since I intend to visit Conan Town while I'm there, so I'd prefer not having to go out of my way for others.

I seem to recall somewhere near Mt. Fuji being a sort of onsen town, but can't recall. Amani, I think it was? Is that shinkansen accessible and nice/reasonable?
Don't be like my friend who spent the entire seven days in Akihabara, while I took another friend on a tour around kantou and kansai.
...... just use six days instead.

Use the single day free and go to Atami! The hotspot of hotsprings.
Sure, there are other places many people would suggest, but since Atami is the most prominent, they also have largest tourism for onsen, which I would think would help English speakers a bit better.
Atami is in Shizuoka pref., pretty close to Tokyo.
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