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Originally Posted by LyricalAura
I don't understand why people keep criticizing Ryukishi for this. Despite what Schrodinger's Cat was originally, it's really common nowadays to set it up in different interpretations to see what their response is and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses. Yes, applying the Copenhagen Interpretation to it gives you a weird result, but Ryukishi's cat box ideas seem to be inspired by the Many Worlds or Relational interpretations, both of which resolve the experiment cleanly.
It's just weird that he's using a metaphor from quantum mechanics at all. Is "many worlds theory" supposed to be the metaphor for Beato's game? In that case, why bring the cat box in? Or is he just taking the catbox and applying it to Beato's Game, regardless of the actual quantum mechanics connotations? In that case, why not just make up a new metaphor? (oh wait, he did - Braun tubes. And then he introduced the cat box... why?)

Then again, quantum mechanics is not my area of expertise, so maybe I'm the only one who's confused.

Originally Posted by rogerpepitone
By the way, anybody wonder whether Ryu knew that Knox had converted to Catholocism from Anglicanism, or was that coincidental Fridge Brilliance? (He presumably knew that Knox was Catholic, given that Dlanor is part of the Inquisition.)
Well, he's widely known as "Father Knox", right? I don't believe that term is used outside of the Catholic Church.
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