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Leading by example and taking the translation thread discussion here. Fits under "plot devices".

Originally Posted by LyricalAura View Post
I don't understand why people keep criticizing Ryukishi for this. Despite what Schrodinger's Cat was originally, it's really common nowadays to set it up in different interpretations to see what their response is and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses.
I don't like how it's commonly set up that way by other authors either. So I won't excuse it because other authors do it. if you don't tell them they'll never learn not to make this mistake.

Originally Posted by LyricalAura View Post
Yes, applying the Copenhagen Interpretation to it gives you a weird result, but Ryukishi's cat box ideas seem to be inspired by the Many Worlds or Relational interpretations, both of which resolve the experiment cleanly.
True, but he explained it backwards with the multiple worlds interpretation first, and his readers didn't understand that. Hence the criticism. It was badly executed.
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