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LOL WTF at the rushing this episode.

* Zeheart has gone from a guy who at the very least cares about his own people to raging lunatic who fires on his own fleet. And just a few moments before, he was wondering what the heck he was doing.
* Zanald knew something was up and had plenty of time to get out of the way. He didn't.
* Obright outshines all three Asunos and kills both Leil and Fram on his first try.
* Zeheart was raging so hard that he can't even pilot Legilis properly, using none of its hax abilities, and it gets ripped apart in the shortest, most anticlimactic, and most pathetic boss fight ever. I suppose at least Dark Hound finally gets to shine, but considering that Zeheart was piloting like an idiot, it's not really that impressive.
* Next episode: oh joy, the final boss is a guy who's spent all the time up to now asleep in a tube. It's finally time for AGE-FX to accomplish something after taking down one Danazine this episode.
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