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Originally Posted by Aquaman OS View Post
It's especially disapointing compared to the game, in which Asemu sends Kio and Flit on ahead (creating drama because he's gonna take on the strongest enemy unit with arguably the weakest Gundam) and he and Zeheart have a climactic duel with Asemu's gen 2 theme playing in the background.

Here he just chops him up without dramatic fanfare. And there's no tension because Flit and Kio are standing right there in case things go south.

If anything it makes Zeheart look even stupider for attacking all 3 Gundam's in a blind rage.
That would have been pretty impressive to see. I would have just been happy if they extended the fight a bit and included Asemu's theme since it would have made for a great fight.

Kind of similar to that flashback to the 'fight' with SID. Got the result of who won and lost, but that's about it.
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