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Oy oy, starting with that scene, those words and that song is completely against the rules, damn it. Is that an attempt to make cry the novel readers in the first 30sec or what~.
I recently went to read it up to ... well where the translations ended, if they want me to buy the original they have to do well in this anime.

To be honest, when those scenes were played, I was like "Oh, so that's how you play that card. I see."

Because when you get past the special elaborations of its setting which are indeed rather elegant, in terms of its basic setup and plotline Sukasuka up to the probable end point of this anime is conventional grimdark. Ironically, Kudori would probably have looked more sympathetic, not less if the author hadn't been working so hard to make her worthy of Seniolis.

So the LN probably didn't work for me as much as it did for you (and remember adaptations are often poor at transmitting all the elegancies of the LN's world setting due to the limitations of its format, so the basic plotline shines through more), and so it'll really depend on the execution. If the voice actors and music do their work, it can work for me, I predict.

Overall, the episode is about a "Satisfactory". The beginning visuals and song were pretty but about starting from when Kudori went home things became kind of ... average. Not that anything was really bad. It just lacks a real standout.

Originally Posted by Zefyris View Post
You need to consider the background of that character. He's used to take care of children, like the ending shows. There's no way he would associate cute lively children with weapons like that. We can because we're watching a story, and maybe even read the synopsis talking about it, not living it.
Also even taking this in account, many viewers still didn't guessed that until Kutori explained it.
I agree, and further, I think that most people are just expecting the protagonist to be genre-savvy, and this one isn't. I think that most of us who guessed they are going this path on the first runthrough had watched too much anime.
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