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Pretty good opening; they showed us the a bit of world they live in by using an explosive scene and leave us wanting to know more. Such as, how they erected giant sophisticated buildings and why they hate people who aren't animals, and what is the cat supposed to represent as well what the item is for. They don't delve into even a single one later on though, which is sad.

Not a fan of the montage, as they are often lazy ways of dumping quick info lacking details, making the time spent for the montage almost meaningless. Speaking of which, in the montage there were normal animals like chickens and bulls. Why made them not be talking bi-pedal animals? Lol

Unfortunately, it was not shown where the raw materials for their "island" civilizations are coming from, nor how transportation of people and things work. Just terrible world building, even for a fantasy genre. The only thing they even bothered to mention regarding the city's life and culture was the military.
You had over 20 minutes to show off cool stuff about the setting, but they instead choose hi-jinks with lolis. This should be labeled "failed comedy" genre, not "drama". Disappointed.
Why are you complaining that a first episode don't explain you the local architecture, history and economical resources of the world it's in? Are we supposed to take you seriously right now?
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