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Originally Posted by BlackShinobi07 View Post
Since its only an illusion you would one be able to feel her wrinkles if she was touched?
Henge is a very strange jutsu. Realistically it should be a genjutsu, but it is not classified as an illusion, but rather a transformation jutsu (you copy the image of something, and then overlay that image on your body...pretty wierd). For instance, Naruto can henge into weapons (presumably everyone can, but Naruto is the only one to be shown doing it), and that weapon works as well as a real weapon. So, there has to be some reality to what the transformation technique does (i.e. it really turns Naruto into a weapon...or a hot girl). Tsunade's Henge is supposed to be even more realistic, but when she runs out of chakra...well I doubt it is a pretty site.

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