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But looking at it also brought another question to my mind. We've seen Moka without the cross of the Rosario, but what if the cross is just part of the seal? We've never actually seen Moka without the entire necklace iirc. Considering the intricate design of the necklace, I'm starting to think that perhaps that is also a part of the seal. The complete removal of the necklace would be the complete removal of the seal itself.

.... and Moka's true self returns ! wait, isn't that a bit TOO EASY for something like the Rosario ?

There may be a side-effect of removing the necklace completely, or it can only be removed by the one who locked it on Moka's neck (so Tsukune can remove the cross, but he can't remove the entire necklace)

Also I don't think that the necklace is something magical. The sealing effect is entirely inside the Rosary (at first, Akasha put on her necklace, but nothing happened until she push the "red" button)
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