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Originally Posted by Th3_Unkn0wn View Post

.... and Moka's true self returns ! wait, isn't that a bit TOO EASY for something like the Rosario ?

There may be a side-effect of removing the necklace completely, or it can only be removed by the one who locked it on Moka's neck (so Tsukune can remove the cross, but he can't remove the entire necklace)

Also I don't think that the necklace is something magical. The sealing effect is entirely inside the Rosary (at first, Akasha put on her necklace, but nothing happened until she push the "red" button)
As easy as it sounds, what you're saying is impossible. If Akasha's the only one who can compeltely remove the seal, then there's no one who can remove it now. Also, what you say contradicts what Akasha herself said. Only someone who cares for her and means her no harm can remove it, and what Akasha said afterward implies that she's not the one. However, Tsukune has managed to remove the Rosario. No doubt he is also capable of removing the entire seal.

Anyways, at this stage, I doubt any of that's gonna happen. I'm still more of the opinion that Tsukune will remove the seal from within when he breaks out of it to return to his own body.
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