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Originally Posted by Yoko Takeo View Post
You make it sound like Tsukune isn't her destined lover The Rosario will be gone eventually, but I don't think we have to wait until the end of the series. The reason for that is because the only one who can fix the Rosario now is Akasha, who just happens to be in the belly of Moka's ultimate nemesis. She'll need her full strength to fight Alucard, and for that, she will need to Rosario to be completely removed. I think that now is as good a time as any to remove the Rosario. Moka already loves Tsukune and vice versa. Tsukune has already removed part of the seal as it is, and is likely able to remove it completely seeing as he is the only one who can.
Well Tsukune is our main man, though human, he can do a lot of crazy stuff, breaking the Rosary is one of them.
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