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Originally Posted by Gooral View Post
You want to get into the same argument AGAIN? Ass-pulls in Witch's maw arc are nowhere near ass-pullness of what happened in chapters 100+. And Claymores/humans died then and weren't immortal. Now show me one dead Claymore since chapter 74 because I can't remember. What's worse now we do not have 1 abyssal but 3 abyssals who are supposed to be stronger than Riful. Add to this ridiculous rebellion which couldn't happen for over 100 years but happened once Miria came (lol) and broken power levels and you have plenty of reason to not pit these two arcs in the same league.
But Hysteria has a sword stuck in her throat

(overlooks every other asspull save this arc, so as to pretend to be serious)

Originally Posted by Gooral View Post
About Hysteria not being able to pull the sword out there's also something called inertia in Claymore world. With one of her runnings and stoppings it should have fallen off.
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