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Maybe current form of 'Hysteria the Ellegant' is not her REAL form. I am almost sure, that this form is a disgusting 'fake doll' just like that that one which 'Destroyer Rafaella/Luciella" has. Knowing Yagi stile, he needs an another climax for 'Hysteria vs Claymores' battle. Hysteria's current state doesn't look like she can do something against 'united forces' of Ghosts. This form can't be her real form. I am sure, that when one of Ghosts(probably Helen with her 'drill sword', because she acts before she thinks), I am sure, that when one of Ghosts will destroy Hysteria's head, Hysterias real form will be revealed. For now, Hysteria the AO doesn't need to be even a little serious. Miria and 'claymores bunch' were for Hysteria like an insects, like a trash. Now she have against her people who experienced fight vs abyssal ones (Riful, Isley) or powerful AB (Agatha, Riguardo), even if they didn't kill them, they had grown. Everyone are experienced and determinated. Even if they cannot kill her, she needs to be serious to win against them.

Roxy form is awesome, her blades resemble those of Beth.

Sorry, I am going to work, so I end my post here. I shouldn't write in the morning, but I am full of thoughts about this chapter.

What we really fighting for?
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