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You want to get into the same argument AGAIN? Ass-pulls in Witch's maw arc are nowhere near ass-pullness of what happened in chapters 100+. Clare's decision about trying to rescue Jean wasn't such ridiculous either since she couldn't brush off a dying comrade begging her for help and she didn't even know Riful was there. Deneve and Helen went after Isley knowing who he was and now they came knwoing there are more than 3 Isleyes. And Claymores/humans died then and weren't immortal. Now show me one dead Claymore since chapter 74 because I can't remember. What's worse now we do not have 1 abyssal but 3 abyssals who are supposed to be stronger than Riful. Add to this ridiculous rebellion which couldn't happen for over 100 years but happened once Miria came (lol) and broken power levels and you have plenty of reason to not pit these two arcs in the same league.
Hehehe Gooral, I wrote it on purpose knowing it would rile some. I thought the mischievous lion faces( >:3 ) would be enough of an indicator that I have no serious intent behind the conversation.

But oh yeah the Witch's arc was sooo much better when no one important died, awakening became a cheap joke, and it was solved by shounen magic. Yep it was sooo superiorrrr. >:3
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