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Originally Posted by Gooral
Since when does awakened form reflect on Claymore appearance or ability? What does a butterfly have to do with a drill-sword or bad-ass Jean? Or a centaur with Isley? Or spaghetti with Riful (;P)? Or an awakened with a horn and wings with Priscilla? Even if there are some ABs that somewhat resemble their former selves it's not a rule.
We went into this in further detail if you look further back though; I'd pull specific things/quotes, but it's much better to just read the conversation in it's entirety because it's a good one.

Point blank though, many many factors go into how a person turns out -- it's beyond their control, but everything from their personality/power/technique, to perhaps even their state-of-mind/how they fancy themselves/etc....but it's always with a darker corrupted twist, since they are awakening after all (so the idea of Teresa becoming something purely angelic didn't sound right to me -- even if that matched her personality, which it doesn't, she would still have that darker twist as she is becoming a monster; the comparison I brought up is to what Galadriel said in Lord of the Rings if she possessed the One Ring ).

Roflmao, love all the Hysteria T-Rex jokes...that she can look so ridiculous and not have arms just makes her look funnier . That said, Yagi could save himself from this with what Milla Genai just said -- that this isn't her "true" form....heck; since considering the very nature of their revival, the fact that their Awakening was could easily be said that this is like getting infected with the parasites - this isn't their true form; wouldn't surprise me if that ended up happening.


I do agree though that Hysteria can't fly...I mean if she can, it's gonna look/be awkward as hell considering her appearance, so at best, she could probably "hover" or have limited flight to some degree.....if she has the same true flight though like Priscilla, the fact that it's a manga will be the only explanation - I don't care how powerful she is, something as ridiculous looking as her Awakened form has no excuse other then "she just can".
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