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Like most of the people here, my fears have [hopefully] permanently subsided, as I liked how episode 3 was. It was tried-and-true Aquarion all the way (^,^); plenty of hijinks/comedy, an ending ep [mock]battle with a dash of seriousness here and there =03. I'm kinda disappointed that Fudou isn't going to command this operation anytime soon though. Hopefully sooner rather than later, an Abductor battle will cause The Wall to be destroyed.

The opening certainly portrays Zessica up there with Mikono practically. The glasses blonde has a Sirius feeling to him too. Mix's breasts are even bigger than Zessica's (O.o)(gotta love fanservice =03)

I'm not disproving your theory, but I never got that feeling. I still don't think Kagura is Apollo's incarnation, and even moreso this Mikage being Touma's. My initial impression was that 'how a Shadow Angel can be reincarnated into another Shadow Angel when Futaba was the last SA to have been born?'. Well, it could be some "oh Futaba wasn't the last SA because in some corner of the Tree of Life there was one more" type of scenario to happen, but who knows. Maybe I'll think about that theory for a minute.

edit: Looks like I'm gonna have to find the OVAs. Only thing I remember about them was Apollo kicking Reika's ass(I only watched ep 1), but I think it might be necessary for comparisons and links to the new series. Why couldn't they just made them an extra on the dvds, lol?
I didn't finish episode 3 because for some reason none of the downloads are working and I just found an online stream...but Touma said that Kagura awakened Aquarion. Don't you find that interesting?

I have a question, does Amata use Solar Aquarion in this episode. I have to run out so I can't watch it till I come back but I can check this thread before I come home. If he does use it, is Mikono in it?

I ask this because, I wasn't going to say this until I can actually sit down and do a lengthy explainaition but.... Solar Aquarion is the one that Apollo was the "head" and the one that has Apollonious' soul in it. The times Solar Aquarion was used. it failed unless the union had both Apollo and Sylvia. You need the power of an angel to awaken Solar Aquarion..most of the times Solar Aquarion was victorious Sylvia and Apollo had to be in the vectors. Even if one wasn't a pilot, they contrived ways to get them both in the vectors. Otherwise they used Aquarion Lunar or Aquarion Mars with someone else as the head, to save the day

*edit* Sousei Gattai is a command that is only known by Apollo (and Sylvia because she was a part of the union when Apollo awakened it) That awakens Aquarion. In the original they only knew of "Nenshin Gattai" the command that was used for Aquarion Lunar and/or Aquarion Mars. Solar Aquarion was the awakened form. Apollo called out to it but he wasn't an angel and Sylvia was also in the vector when he awakened it. The end of the series and OVA Touma and Apollo say that you need the power of a "shadow angel" to fully use Aquarion

Amata has wings on his feet and he can levitate. Sylvia had wings on her arms and Sylvia had Psychokinetic powers and could levitate things.

Apollo was a HUMAN. Apolloionus without his wings was still an angel. Sylvia being a descendant of Apollionius and Ceiliane had FEATHERS because she was not fully human

In the end of the OVA and Series both Celiane and Apollo were needed to save the world. In the ova the remade the UNIVERSE. So everything began from Sylvia and Apollo not Ceiliane and Apollionous and that's why I believe EVOL has the statue of Apollo and Syliva unlike the original series because they created parallel dimensions and I didn't get a chance to finish my replies to you because LIFE called...Apollionus started out a BAD GUY he changed when he fell in love. He also calls her smelly and stinking just like Apollo used to say about Sylvia and this is extreme yaoi bait but who said he was smelling only Mikono and Amata could be his uke (I like yaoi )

Anyhoo I have to go but suffice it to say, I think that this is an alternate retelling of Ceilaine and Apolionus and how they met and fell in loved and he was changed--but is shown with Sylvia and Apollo and their incarnations because those two are fated

Apollo was Human and Sylvia wasn't fully human. I think Amata can awaken Aquarion because he's a descendant of the a Shadow Angel but he's not the reincarnation of Apollo, Kagura is

Gong to say nearly the same later but with screenshots unless the subs of episode 3 makes me change my mind about some things

This is a theory of mine and not what I consider truth...I am just speculating

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